Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to win Cash from Fantasy Cricket Game

How to win?
All you need to win the game is to know the players well as winning and losing depends on their performance in the real match. The one with maximum points on the leader board is the winner.

Mala-fide Money Minting
There is no denying the fact that Indian cricket has emerged as a new lucrative industry and has distanced from the purity of being just a sport. It is quite unfortunate that it has entered the virtual platform of cricketing too. There are many instances wherein people were noticed to be playing Fantasy cricket for cash. It is not only the service providers who are minting money, but also the customers or the players. This is possible because to retain and lure the customer's many sites provide a cash reward for the winner. Not only this various other types of cash and monetary benefits are also credited to the top rankers on the Leader board. This is also a reason that many people Play cricket fantasy for cash.

Allegations of Gambling
It is for this reason that fantasy cricket is deemed to be a game of gambling and alleged to be involving betting and money. The people in defense, however, say that the game requires a high degree of skill and knowledge to win.

Despite various negative connotations attached with Fantasy cricket, the platforms continue to witness crazy, addicted cricket fans.

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