Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Best Cricket Predictions Are Based On Facts, Not On Hunches

Prediction, while you play the Cricket Fantasy Game is essential. However, do not make a mistake to make the predictions by assumption. Try to keep as much information that is possible. This will give you the support of predictions, and that one will be based on facts and not on assumptions. While predicting the scores of the two teams, there are some of the essential things that are to be watched. Here are they.

l  The first data that you need is the number of games that has been played on that ground. How many times, the home team has won and how many times the other team.
l  Next, try to figure out the ratio of win, the two teams are having. This fact must include the details of the recent past since the performance of each team is changing continuously. Your predictions will be in the present. So, there is no need to think about what happened in the distant past.
l  Try to establish a relation of the pitch condition of the ground and the score that has been put up on the board by the team, batting first. Establish a relation about the toss winning when these two teams faced each other while playing Fantasy Cricket Online India. Based on that, try to guess who will win the toss and who will bat first. Now put up the score, based on the earlier matches.

With the above process when maintained, you are sure to win in millions. Your guesses, when based on facts are not guessed anymore. They are the sure shot explanations. Cricket Fantasy

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