Tuesday, 15 November 2016

IPL fantasy league online in India

The IPL has gained a huge popularity among the cricket lovers since it has come into existence. Therefore, it was very necessary to create a fantasy game on it too. IPL fantasy Cricket league has become very popular in a very small time span. It has reached a huge follower target since it has evolved.

Fantasy league online in India

Fantasy Cricket league online in India is as famous as in any other part of the world. IPL fantasy league has gained a lot of popularity in India along with the whole world. The youngsters of India are taking much interest in involving in the IPL games. Such online fantasy games allow you to select the players from the different teams to construct your own team. Therefore, you get a good chance to create a team that consists of the best players from among the cricketers all over the world. Such fantasy games have certain rules that you need to follow. Now take a look few such rules.

Rules that are to be followed while playing Cricket Fantasy game

 The rules that are followed while playing IPL fantasy league are as follows:
•             Each player has been given a particular rating. It does not allow any fantasy side to rate over a certain amount.
•             If any player does not play for a particular team for that day. Such situation does not allow any point to the player. Yet it does not deduct any point, though.
•             Points that are won or lost in any game that has been abandoned also comes into the count.

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