Monday, 7 November 2016


India is known as the secular country as it happens to have diverse religions but cricket is known to unite everyone irrespective of the religion in an effective way.  Cricket enjoys the huge fan following though it is not our national sport. It has turned out to be a religion in India with numerous zealous followers. ‘Men in Blue’ are unconditionally revered by the crazy cricket fans and their prominence surpasses the reputation of any other luminary.

The charm of cricket has captivated almost every Indian, be it a school going kid or a retired old man. People plan their events, leaves and travel plans after checking out the program of Indian Cricket team. It is also the fastest way of making friends with an Indian. You will always find kids playing cricket with fervor, no matter to which part they belong to.

The country where cricket was originated is England and it is very often said that the sport is dying there. Even in West Indies, cricket seems like to have lost its gloss. But we Indians, who have picked up the game from the British, endure being the passionate followers. In fact, after the enormously popular Indian Premier League has been started, the cricket fever has gone into a completely new perspective of notoriety and glory.


Fantasy sports genre has various divisions and one of them is Fantasy Cricket. It is an online game where you generate a virtual group of real cricket players and nick points reliant on how your selected players play in the actual life matches. To have a victory in a match, you must work in the way of achieving the supreme points and the No. 1 rank on the leaderboard.

One of the new differences is real-time fantasy, whereas an alternative of selecting a team beforehand a match starts, you make forecasts on what will be the run score in the next over or a batsman scores how many runs etc. and give points for precise calculations. Every fan fulfills his dream by playing Cricket Fantasy.

People can play in the Fantasy Cricket League through various sites available online. Fantasy sports gaming is a game of proficiency and is not connected to sports gambling or betting in any way as no user gets to select one particular team, but rather the users or the sports fans require to utilize their skills and sports acquaintance to decide that which players to pick to form the maximum scoring team.

A fantasy cricket league is a place where you can put your name down and offer your friends to join too. Everyone can register discrete teams and then contest in contradiction of each other to see who wins the highest fantasy cricket points and in so doing the league too. These leagues are very prevalent while foremost T20 games such as IPL and T20 World Cup.

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