Monday, 17 October 2016

Cricket Fantasy – For Ultimate Cricket Fans

Watching an exciting cricket match with friends or family on television is one of the most favorite time pass for most of the Indians. Every cricket enthusiast can be seen in front of some television set or found with ears glued to the live commentary on radio, whenever there is team India’s match being played. But nowadays it is not only limited to TV or Radio, the new media is the internet. Many websites dedicated to cricket are now available on the internet where you can watch the match or check the live score etc. Since it is not possible every time to watch the match in the stadium, so fans try to comfort themselves through these websites. Some new formats like T20, which is a recent phenomenon in the world of cricket has given the fans a new fantasy about cricket.
Oye Captain has taken this fantasy to a next level. It is a platform where fans can play free Fantasy Cricket or can take part in online fantasy cricket leagues. You can create your own cricket team within a minimal budget of 100 credits. So it’s time for you to prove your knowledge and skills of cricket and it’s time to prove the selectors wrong and by selecting your own dream team.
Highlights Of Oye Cricket
  • You can create a virtual team of real cricketers
  • You can select your match
  • You can join various leagues with different prize money
  • You can earn cash by winning the league
It’s time to be a part of the excitement and thrills of the cricket because it is very difficult for cricket fans to get over the cricket fever. Online cricket fantasy enables cricket fans to feel the same excitement what they feel on the ground or during a live match.

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