Thursday, 11 August 2016

Playing Fantasy Cricket online – via Oye Captain

Take the night out. What do you do that is also fun and gives you an opportunity to make some money? What is there online that you can do from home without having to venture out in the streets?

That is what Cricket Fantasy online is about. Play cricket without having to lift the bat. But be a selector and see your team perform. This team is selected by the owner/gamer and plays other people’s teams in matches. The winner goes on to play future games. When the final is reached, if the gamer’s team makes it and wins, he wins money in cash. That is the incentive you get for playing cricket online. A kind of bet you place on the team. This team was selected by you based on the people’s real-life performance. 

There’s some amount of challenge a person faces when selecting a team. He has to meet the rules and yet form a team he believes has the potential to win matches. There’s pressure. The pressure of course isn’t the same as what someone feels in real-time. Yet, by going through this exercise he understands what a real-time selector must be going through. 

Why and who plays Fantasy Cricket online?
There’s some thrill in playing games online. This thrill factor is retained with online cricket. The genre of fantasy gaming is new to India but catching on. The founders are doing their bit to enhance the game’s popularity. It is played for fun and some money.

Should you want more information, visit the site and go through the guidelines. Interested people can join and see what it is about. Once you get a hang of it, you start playing more and more.

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