Saturday, 13 August 2016

Fantasy Cricket and You

How is Fantasy cricket played? Get online in Oye Captain to find out. Fantasy Cricket in India is new. It is still catching up. The concept makes use of the love for cricket of Indians. It is great that people can play cricket in a little different format and indirectly online.

Not everybody gets to be the selector for the Indian cricket team. It is a coveted position.

But Oye Captain makes it possible for you. Register to join the site. Pay a fee and deposit some money by enlisting your bank account. This will get you started. Now go through the guidelines and understand how the game is played.     
The captains of Oye Captain help new users get onboard. It is the best online fantasy sports platform in India. There is so much to enjoy when playing games online. The format varies a little but there’s thrill when playing. When the team wins, there’s added excitement since the gamer gets money.

Users of this platform will get more sophistication as they continue. The founders have decided to keep it simple as the format is only being introduced now. Once it has gained some familiarity with the Indian crowd, the site will be updated with as much sophistication as possible to mimic real life cricket.

Cricket is a lot about technicalities and statistics. While there is some information available about the cricket that we see on a day to day basis, there isn’t as much information available about this format. With time, we expect that players will engage. Learn and play this game called fantasy cricket online. 
Fantasy Cricket in India is a genre that was founded in the West. It became popular as an online format. This format is a little different from the real game. But as a player you get to become a selector which is great.  

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