Saturday, 6 August 2016

Engage in playing cricket online – via Oye Captain

These days, all businesses are being conducted online. Gaming has gone online and it is not a new phenomenon. Mobile gaming is common but there are some games that are available online only. Fantasy cricket league is one such sporting opportunity. Gamers have the ability to play cricket online though not directly.

How do you play fantasy cricket league?

A gamer joins the site for a fee. He selects a team for himself based on the real-time player’s performance on field. As such he gets the chance to act as a selector. The team plays matches against other teams and on winning gets points. He can make changes just like a selector does in real-time. This team goes on to play other matches and when the final match is won, the winner gets money.

Why is cricket fantasy so popular?

Cricket has always been a popular game in India. This is an extension of that popularity. Players of this game are as well known as other celebrities. No other game or its players enjoy the status cricketers do in India. It is no surprise that fantasy cricket has caught on too. The founders of the portal Oye Captain has decided to enhance the experience of players going forward by including nuances as is present in the real-life game.

It will get sophisticated with statistics and other features that we get to enjoy in real-time cricket.
There is no limit to who can play. All you need to do is pay a small fee and join. If you have good team picking abilities, your team has chances of winning. This also tells us that you understand how the sport is played. The more you win the better is your team selection ability.

When gaming is so popular, Cricket Fantasy gaming cannot be far behind. People are getting to know about it slowly and catching up.

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