Monday, 29 August 2016

Earn some extra Cash – Play Fantasy Cricket

There’s an opportunity out there to play cricket in some way and make money too. Sounds interesting? Well, it is called cricket fantasy. This format is new to India. It is played with other games abroad.

Players engage in a game of their choice and play some role in the game indirectly however to win matches. Play Online Cricket Game for Cash. This is an opportunity for fans if the game to make and earn some extra money while having fun. The gamer doesn’t play cricket. He selects a team to play. If his selected team wins, he gets point and money both.

Play Cricket Fantasy for Cash. Why should cricketers or cricket lovers not find fun in this format? Cricket requires using the mind. Selection of a winning team is no less an effort. There are the lineups to be decided. We are talking about the batting, bowling, etc. There can be fast bowlers, spinners and a wicket-keeper just as in real life cricket.

See that there’s no liability here. You enroll in the site for a fee. Deposit some money. Select a team. Start playing. The team will play others. They may win or lose. You make progress in the tournament if you win. Should you lose, you can start all over. On winning you continue with the next game. It continues until the tournament ends.

While most will start playing for fun, once you earn some cash, the interest will deepen. There is the need for such fantasy gaming. It is a sport. Among the myriad of sports, it is one. Slowly it is finding patrons. He founders are planning to make it popular though advertising and other offers. Once more and more people get to know about it, there will be a certain audience for it.

Use Oye Captain - Play Cricket Fantasy for Cash.

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