Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The rules of Fantasy Cricket Premier League

Fantasy cricket premier league is an opportunity for the cricket fans to accomplish their die hard wish of selecting dream eleven. All the lovers of cricket love to make a team of his own, and it is the perfect opportunity for them to indulge in their fantasy. Forming your own virtual team by selecting real life players where your points are determined on the basis the player’s real performance on the field, gave a tremendous sporting rush to the cricket fans.

To indulge in a fantasy cricket premier league, you have to log into a dedicated website from your personal computer or mobile phone. There you can see the instruction to play the online Cricket Game for Cash. You just have to follow the instructions, and then work accordingly. The rule of playing such cricket is very simple. You have to choose a team of the best eleven players on the player’s list. There will be international players as well in the list.

You are also given a budget point which you will have to restrict the total points of all the selected members of your team. You cannot exceed the given points. So better try to maintain a proper balance among all the players. Ideally, a team should have five batsmen, four bowlers, one wicket keeper and one all-rounder. Selecting the wicket keeper and the all-rounder for the team can be a very tricky affair. You should be careful about this and make sure to choose as all-rounder who can bat and bowl really well.

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