Monday, 6 June 2016

Oye Captain is Leading the Fantasy Game

Come hither. There’s some news for you. Mirchi has provided a platform for cricket enthusiasts who believe they have a skill in picking the team to select a team of their choice and get them to play matches in a league very similar to real life.

Cricket Fantasy League Online as it is called is becoming popular. Oye Captain aims to make it popular by taking it to a wider audience. In an effort to achieve this, they have designed the platform very simply. Though they have plans to include statistics later, right now they mean to keep the site this way to attract more people onto it. 

Play Free Fantasy Cricket are new to India. More recently, it has been introduced. There are just a handful of sites of which Oye Captain occupies the top most position. They are a team of cricket enthusiasts who want to make the game more popular than it already is. Those who wish to make a little extra money by playing premier leagues online find this avenue a good way.

There is a need to fulfill here of customers who wish to engage in cricket from the comforts of their homes. Oye Captain has set up business to make playing cricket online easier. Cricket is played by real time players and these players are also part of the online gaming site. Based on their performance, points are allotted to each player and the skilled user has to select a team with 11members.

During a tournament, teams will play each other and with money sessions can be bought. Explore the site for more information.

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