Monday, 27 June 2016

Explore Online Fantasy Cricket Gaming with Oye Captain

Currently, cricket is playing through television media in every Indian household. Every household watches cricket. During IPL matches, people get back home earlier or leave aside other duties to sit in front of the TV to catch the match of their preference. There is this cricket fantasy that plays in the mind of Indians. Not just men, it is the women too who take to watching the game at home along with their men counterparts.

Even in the stadium, one can see women along with men cheering for their favorite team or player. This has prompted the makers of Oye Captain to start online Fantasy Cricket. Pretty much similar to that of the real game but with certain changes to keep it simple at this point. With time, certain changes will be made to include statistics to make it competitive enough.

Cricket Fantasy League Online in India is new to India. But the idea is much like that of online poker. Certain games are easier to adapt to online format and poker is one such. Cricket requires strategizing and sometimes thinking on one’s feet to come up with a new one to tackle a challenge that the opponent poses.

Fantasy Cricket League is about to become popular, thanks to Oye Captain. Such sites are helpful in taking the game to many more homes. It is also an avenue for those interesting in gaming to make more money. Not only is it interesting, but also brain stimulating since the team selection is a matter of wits and skills and as and when the match goes the wrong way, the captain has to take corrective steps.

Oye Captain is new to the block and users can explore the site to see how it matches their expectations. Once they get used to it, they can begin playing by paying.

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